To the Water, The Wind and the Sun.

The Water.

I drown deep and let my fears roll down my face

I exhale to the surface to catch my breath, inhale and drown time and time, ’til I can be myself again…


To the Water, The Wind and the Sun.

The Wind.

Infiltrates every corners of my soul,

Touches every inches of my skin

Blows through my hair; I shiver.

It relieves the pain I was not aware I was enduring – all along.


To the Water, The Wind and the Sun. 

The Sun.

So far yet so potent. Hot encounters and burning kisses;

You and I. Steam pouring out my pores.

You leave an impression. Every single touch.


I surrender to the Elements and now belong to the Universe.

I surrendered, so could I be denied of my crown any longer? 

Wait. Wait? I’m just eager baby…

I have surrendered to She and wind in limbo between the seas and the skies until I’m claimed. 




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I accumulate love bits around me and I #LetIt grow, grow, grow.

And l will #LetIt burst if you touch my heart and #LetIt flow, flow, flow.

I’ll share it all, with you, naked, no games.

I’ll give it all to you. Straight up, no lies.

I’ll empty my bliss, so you can feel it too.

And “It” will change the way you see the night skies, brighten the greens of the forests, deepen the red of women lips, sharpen the sound of silent nights, enhance taste of fine wines: if you #LetIt.

“It” will delightfully take you “tHERe”, smoke your spirit and exhale your soul in a weightless incandescent cloud, and you’ll shine: if you #LetIt.

If you #LetIt, give yourself some time. Some time to recover; deeply breathe and enjoy the high – while it last.

I ain’t here to tell you what to do.

And you don’t have to #LetIt happen.

But if you do… #LetIt… Don’t come empty handed: bring some Love, Compassion and chilled Moët.

I accumulate love bits around me and I #LetIt grow, grow, grow – that’s what I do.




 In any capacity, the type of bonding(s) we are able to generate makes all the difference. From atoms to people, it undoubtedly dictates its architecture, in terms of aesthetics and functionality, hence the strength and length of any relationships.

About #SmallTalk… I recently realized that I really- really – really despise it. I do tolerate a 20-80 ratio, but too much rambling usually bruises my aura and hurts my soul…

Interestingly enough, for a long time, I was unable to pinpoint the reasons why I’d find some people so enticing and others bland. For a long time, I was incapable to tangibly grasp why strong bonds [or lack thereof] were to form between me and [InsertHere] strangers/acquaintances/friends/family members/lovers. Curiosity being my middle name, (I’m an enquirer) as well as my being feisty, newness has always ignited my cravings for debates, arguments and french kissing beautiful lips. (Not necessarily in that order)

I’m passionate about *understanding processes* on how worlds revolve. I’m passionate about voicing my heart. I’m passionate about deep diving.

Isn’t tasting each other souls a potent way to bond? Experiencing different flavors an interesting way to discover the depths of our inner-selves? How else could we, as spiritual entities, blend and connect at a deeper level if not for a genuine desire for comprehension?

Too much #SmallTalk, this tue-l’amour, this charade of word collection – is most definitely lethal to meaningful relationships.

In any capacity, the type(s) of bonding we are able to generates makes all the difference. Not for everyone. But it does, to me.



#ExesBeLike: Sup’ girl

#ExesBeLike: How’s your man/bf/husband?

#ExesBeLike: “like” your IG/fb pics *all of a sudden*

#ExesBeLike: you lookin’ good gurl… 

#ExesBeLike: I messed up…

#ExesBeLike: I *still* miss you.

#ExesBeLike: I’m sorry…

#ExesBeLike: are you in town?

#MeBeLike: I is good, I’m divorced, hmm…. thanks, trying to keep it fresh, I know, ok… What am I supposed to say? Well, well, well… Matter of fact, I am!

And #HowsYourWifeAndTheKids



 #AtTime, there is a definite disconnect between the person I know I am, and the way I feel about myself. Let me reiterate: I get insecure. #AtTime.

But I don’t really know why.

Pragmatically, I have nothing to complain about, I guess… Of course there will always be a Better-Looking-Smarter-Tighter-Booty-More-Accomplished-Talented-Perfect-Skin-Perfect-Teeth-Perfect-Fro-Perfect-Diet-Goes-To-The-Gym-On-A-Regular-Basis-Drinks-One-Gallon-Of-Water-A-Day-Has-That-Flawless-Fashion-Sense-Eloquent-Just-Got-Her-PHD-Chick, ya know… you feel kinda inadequate around, ya know…

But, aren’t flaws what makes us who we are, what differentiates us, makes us interestingly unique? Right? right…

So how come, if I’m aware of all those blessings, do I feel like that way, #AtTime?

I guess, I feel that way so I can really appreciate those other times… Those times when, as I enter the realm of enclose parameter – the air pressure drops, and I become aware of my status; those times when, the temperature instantly rises and the beat of the drums – in unison – emerges from the depth of the (h)earth.

But this is not today.
Maybe tomorrow?



Inebriated… I want to feel the way I feel when I’m in falling… You know, when I’m falling for someone. I want to be up all night and not be tired in the morning because of the thrill. 

I want to forget to eat because my stomach feels as full as if the content of my heart was poured into it. 

I want that makeup-free glow and bear that true smile: that blessed smile that only extra O2 can bring, the one that remains on your face – All. Day. Long. First Base

But… I don’t want to be bothered – because, usually, when I feel this way it means trouble my friend. When I feel this way it usually means that a lot of blog entries and poems are to be written and songs chanted.


The more it wrecks your soul the more beautiful and enticing the outcome seems to be…


I long to be free.Free from my fears. 

Free from the imaginary boundaries I inflicted myself.

I long to be myself.

The woman I’ve always meant to be. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.

The one who will own her flaws and recognize them as the most enticing part of who she is. The one who will appreciate them the way they deserve to be.

I long to be aware.

Fully aware of the Love I’ve been the recipient all along. That Love that has been kept away from my heart by the fear of being rejected.

Everyday, I look at myself.

Everyday, I’m one step closer.

Everyday, I am grateful of the joys and the pains and the hardships I’ve been subjected to. 

I’m emerging and #MergingIntoMyself… 


Everything happens for a reason.
2015 is coming to an end, and, is so far one of the most epic years to date.
The people I crossed path with this year shaped my life is significant ways. 

The people I crossed path with this year filled my heart with new found purposes. 

The people I crossed path with this year, whether as confidents, part-time lovers or foes allowed me to reach my true potential.

I am immensely grateful cause I have met you. I really am, with all my heart and soul, and you might feel it as you read these words, don’t you? Cause I’m talking about you… Yes you! And I hope that makes you smile, or think, or tilt…

I am no longer afraid, scared, ashamed nor feeling awkward about my claims, as I have realized that we never know when things come to an end. When we have to say goodbye to great friends. So tell them, today, that you care…

#LiveYourTruth. #Everyday 



  I left room for warmth. Your Warmth. But you took too long to say what you meant, beat around the bush like a wild man, so randomness settled in… and settled down.

Back to square one.

The spot, (cozy, I might add), is taken for now and you will have to entertain… entertain my soul, spirit and senses, again, for their attention span is inversely proportional to your alertness.


#StraighForwardNess is Always the best policy in the matter of the heart. Of course the delivery must be Impeccable as it is what sets the tone (usually) for what’s to follow; however, all should be said. All could be said. All MUST be said… indeed…

Am I willing to wait until you get it? Who knows? Fast forward… Will you get it the next time you see me hand in hand with the one who got it… straight?

Pick my attention, now. Or live and learn for your next stunning encounter with potential Bliss.



I’m easily drifting towards the depth of the chiaroscuro, this in between state where things never really feel comfortable; this place where we tippy toe so to not disturb the still of the universe around.

My mind wanders as I get amazed about the grooves of the trees, the softness of the grass and the intricacy of our thought processes; beautifully ponders how the sun’s energy travels through space to purposely act upon everything it touches.

I’m aware that everything is connected and how we are all part of keeping the world homeostasis going on.

I understand how catalysts speed up processes which, would only unfold at minimal rate if not for them.

I constantly think about the past… and future… and how it intensely reflects and shapes on The Now – “The Now” we so profoundly experience with every inch of our consciousness, that we want it or not.

And, then we wait. We (Me, Myseld and I) patiently wait for Love to weave in between two breaths, and potently intoxicate our senses (again).

Until that time…



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