About Kanye

Delivering ideas in an eloquent and clear way is important so to avoid misinterpretation. I think this is something to thrive for and definitely a cultivated skill that in order to be maintained and perfected needs to constantly be tested.

I have always been interested in the way Kanye West thought. His self-confidence and (I believe) genuine desire to elevate the people drawn me to him, and as out of the box as they were, his « processes » made sense to me to a certain extend. That said, I often had to break it down, analyze and decipher his abstract ideas on my own – I felt as if my interpretations were aligned to their true meaning; but here’s the thing: were they? or was i comforting myself in my singular beliefs?

I now think that in the past – his lack of clarity had limited the power of his true messages: too much room for doubt…

Today, who knows how and why he came to those highly unpopular remarks? I don’t have the answers… but I do have questions:

I believe that critical thinking requires the participants to hear, listen and understand honest feedbacks and challenging views; it also requires empathizing with what other may have to say. Over the years, who has Kanye surrounded himself with? who has given him honest feedback and challenged him? Can he still hear us?

All I can say is that I’m looking forward to contextualize and get a clearer explanation of what the defendant has to say.

Hopefully with a better delivery and maybe the help of an eloquent friend we will get some answers.

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018

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A blog about #ME: The Self-declared Woman of a Rich Ethnical and Cultural Background moving through life with a very unique lense - #WRECB

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