Exciting News: I am Making Notebooks

The Amazing Grace collection features a digitized painting of Daphné Mia Essiet inspired is inspired by Jamaican model, singer, songwriter, record producer and actress Grace Jones.


I have always loved paper goods, and particularly notebooks, diaries, and planners. I have been wanting to create some new  I had the opportunity to create some featuring my own illustrations, which are now available on Amazon (and with prime shipping)

Please check my entire catalog here

There are over 60 models, so check them out! Here are some of the categories:


The Musician collection includes 8.5in x 11 (US Letter) manuscript paper notebooks, fret notebook and more and features illustrations musicians /and or instruments.

Check out the collection here

Afro Dancers

list of new notebooks by Daphné Essiet on Amazon Prime
The Afro Dancers Collection feature beautiful dancers wearing large afro celebrating Black hair in its entire glory and meant to normalize black hairstyles in all its form.

Check out the collection here

Afro Fairies

The Afro Fairy Collection includes colorful composition books featuring illustrations of Black fairiesThese are perfect for school notes for children ages 6 through 10 or older.

Check out the collection here

Golden Ladies

The CROWNED: Golden Ladies Collection was created in honor of Women History Month and the CROWN act passing in California in 2020. It features figurative drawings of black women with different hairstyles

Check out the collection here


The Birdies Collection includes featuring colorful birds illustrations for kids and grownup.

Check out the collection here

French Papeterie

“Mon Joli Cahier” is a line of notebooks featuring French-Ruled “Grand Carreaux” paper pages as well asFrench-Ruled “Petit Carreaux” paper pages.

Check out the collection here

Again, check out the full catalog here

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