I miss France & Europe, and lately I have been glamorizing about my mother’s land the way Americans do, which is the way French (and non New Yorkers) think of New York City from watching Sex and the city, which is uncanny…

 I randomly fantasize about going back to France but then I have to reconsider: who is going to do my nails for that cheap? Bygone…

 France is different from the way it is portrayed in the medias: We do drink a lot of wine, coffee, Perrier & smoke cigarettes, eat croissants and walk topless on “La Côte d’Azur” but that’s not everything. For instance, not everyone look like Vanessa Paradis or Catherine Deneuve (look at me…and some of my French friends). What I mean by that is that it is more diversity and color than many picture. A trip to Europe should be a requirement to all American kids, so to realize there are more than what Pepe le Pew taught them!!!

 My point being that I like being French in New York and American in France. It does sound exotic (even if most time I am respectively Dominican or Moroccan)

 But, it is what it is…

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2011

2 thoughts on “#ItIsWhatItIs

  1. Giselle

    Loving the post Daph. Just today i was saying that I can’t wait for Na’ima to get a lil older to we could do a European adventure. Probaby you should make a visit home soon huh?

  2. ginabrillon

    Frenchie! you are dope! I love your insight! keep writing and teaching us brutish Americans how to act 😉

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