The choices are to either analyze our imperfections or accept that life is ever evolving.

Our reflection is carefully filtered and perception sublimed by our own expectations – our own biases… Fluidity of the mind sounds fundamental to contentment and happiness, as rigidity seems to hinder our ability to embrace changes.

It is not easy everyday, especially when you realize you have one more white hair, maybe a wrinkle; clothes don’t fit the way they used to – some “friends” come while other vanish.

Yesterday i turned 25, again – and the more I accept my world organically evolving, the  happier I get.


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2017

#TenThingsILove (Part1)

1. Watching girls pole dancing
2. Biochemistry
3. Music
4. Online shopping
5. Airports
6. Hendricks and Tonic, with three lemons
7. Bordeaux
8. Navettes from “Le Four Aux Navettes”
9. La Mer
10. Your lips on my neck


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016


I immersed myself in the springs of your Love and emerged as [the] One. I then wrapped my temple in a cocoon made of rose petals and orchids –  closed my eyes and surrendered – to the Universe.

Dreamt of butterflies kissing my hands and collarbones, in a vast garden surrounded by birch trees.

Laid down, hesitant, in the dewy grass and let your cool breeze irreversibly blow through my curls, down my back and gently curve down my spine. 

The birds singing high and enchanting melodies in the soft Purple skies reminded me of chimerical times I spent in your arms and the tender kisses we never shared. 

In the morning when the sun entered my room, vibrant as a prism, I finally understood that your voice will – forever – live in my memories. 


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016



I don’t know you like that, and it might be better that way…

I can’t recall the sound of your voice from our last brief encounter – cause we barely spoke to each other, or looked at one another, but – I imagine it sweet – and soft – and warm – just like a brownie right off the oven

I feel so silly when I see you… Can’t stop smiling like a 15 year old… Inside 

I want to put my hand on my face to hide my blushing cheeks, and my dilating pupils

But I just stand *calm and collected* cause I want you to think I’m sexy.

I cannot say your name out loud without a giggle, so I keep quiet… and when someone mentions it, my blood pressure rises…

When I scroll down my timeline and you appear, I slow down – and sometimes even scroll right back up – and pause for a sec – just because…

I wonder if you would like me; and I wonder if I would like your personality. 

Life is wild man; well what’s happening inside is definitely… Wishing one day you’ll experience how fuzzy things can be. Hoping you’ll like it and make yourself at home…

For now tho, all I can do is close my eyes, and picture your skin real tight next to mine.


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016



#Crazy. Only when the pain you inflicted becomes so unbearable it pours over my pores.

#Crazy. Only when my disarray morphes into a palpable spell.

#Crazy. Only when channelling my thoughts has become challenging.

#Crazy. Only when my soul finally reaches Freedom.

#Crazy. Only when containment is no longer an option.

#Crazy. Only when I assure my sanity is no longer insured.

#Crazy. Only when I assure your safety is no longer insured.

#Crazy. Only when it all becomes a blur.

Life is an always evolving collection of well-crafted enzymatic chain reactions: at any point in time, you have the opportunity to buffer and polish raw angles. You also have the opportunity to let its raw and untamed beauty escalade to heights you never would have thought existed. 

Some call it crazy. Others call it Free. 

It really depends how you position yourself. It’s about perspective.


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016




Carry me around through these doors and #MakeMeFeelLike

You’ve been waiting for it all along.

Cause it’s been a while since…

#MakeMeFeelLike you’ve been waiting for It. All this time; and you were longing for it. For real, fo real…

#MakeMeFeelLike you’ve been dreaming about it 

#MakeMeFeelLike you putting your best work… EVER

#MakeMeFeelLike *no others before*.

#MakeMeFeelLike you know what you are doing.

#MakeMeFeelLike I can feel myself, at least, at last


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016


Wherever I fly – you are * on my mind.
Whatever I feel * transpires through my eyes.
Whenever I float – I can’t get enough of what my mind has created. But – at least – deep down- i grasp – it ain’t real.

Simply because there may not * be another kiss, touch or word exchanged –
With you…
Doesn’t mean I will not * feel that way again – With someone else. It was sOoooo. Damn. Hmm… #Speechless

Here’s why I don’t pick up the phone when you call;

Here’s why I keep it simple whenever I see you;

No need for you to be granted the opportunity to bend my boundaries, stretch my patience, hold my standards where they don’t belong – although my body ask for more.

I keep my distance cause #Freewill is limited around you. #Freewill *somehow* do not belong in “our space”; just passion, pleasure and sleepless nights. Perfect chemistry, little functionality.

So, let’s just take this lack of #Freewill for what it really is: spirituality, maybe – and for sure un-sustainability.

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016


Drafted Friday while watching Brandee Younger (Harp), Dezron Douglas (Bass) & David Bryant (piano) playing at #TheWestVillageSeries’ @ Cheikh’s. Edited at 3am Saturday morning, up from drinking so much Champagne.

I tip the glass to my lips,
Allow the champagne to burn my tongue,
Then, flow down my throat
Liquid gold – I’m gone.

I close my eyes
& feel the hype-
Lose my Self, delicately.
Moments of Harpsense.

I close my eyes
& feel the hype-
Feel mySelf, indubitably
Stop the pretense.

Tho the Bass is grounding me, right there –
My soul, aloft, quivers from the thrill.
More Champagne… please.
All through the night!

Fill my emptiness
With tangible Dreams
Fill those Dreams
With (com)Passionate Love.
Fill that Love
With solid delight and gentle strokes.

Cause I’m a Queen baby:
I bathe in warm milk
& sleep in silk sheets.
Eat almonds, dates and honey – in the mawning.

I tip the glass – to my lips,
Allow the champagne to burn my tongue,
Then flow. Down my throat…
Liquid gold – I’m home.


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016


To the Water, The Wind and the Sun.

The Water.

I drown deep and let my fears roll down my face.
I exhale to the surface to catch my breath, inhale and drown time and time, ’til I can be myself again…

To the Water, The Wind and the Sun.

The Wind.

Infiltrates every corners of my soul.
Touches every inches of my skin
Blows through my hair; I shiver.
Relieve the pain I was not aware of and was enduring – all along

To the Water, The Wind and the Sun.

The Sun.

So far yet so potent. Hot encounters and burning kisses;
You and I. Steam pouring out my pores.
You leave an impression. Every single touch.


I surrender to the Elements and now belong to the Universe

I surrendered, so could i longer be denied of my crown?

Wait? Wait! …
I’m just eager baby…

I have surrendered to She and now float in limbo between the seas and the skies until I’m claimed.


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016


I accumulate love bits around me and I #LetIt grow, grow, grow.
And l will #LetIt burst if you touch my heart and #LetIt flow, flow, flow.

I’ll share it all, with you, naked, no games.
I’ll give it all to you. Straight up, no lies.
I’ll empty my bliss, so you can feel it too.

And “It” will change the way you see the Night Skies, brighten the Greens of the forests, deepen the Red of Women Lips, sharpen the sound of silence and enhance taste of fine wines: if you #LetIt.

“It” will delightfully take you “tHERe”, smoke your spirit and exhale your soul in a weightless incandescent cloud, so you can shine: if you #LetIt.

If you #LetIt, give yourself some time. Time to recover: breathe deeply and enjoy the high – while it last.

I ain’t here to tell you what to do.
And you don’t have to #LetIt happen.
But if you do… #LetIt… don’t come empty handed: bring some Love, Compassion and chilled Moët.

I accumulate love bits around me and I #LetIt grow, grow, grow – that’s what I do.


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016


#ExesBeLike: Sup’ girl
#ExesBeLike: How’s your man/bf/husband?
#ExesBeLike: “like” your IG/fb pics *all of a sudden*
#ExesBeLike: you lookin’ good gurl…
#ExesBeLike: I messed up…
#ExesBeLike: I *still* miss you.
#ExesBeLike: I’m sorry…
#ExesBeLike: are you in town?

#MeBeLike: I is good, I’m divorced, hmm…. thanks: trying to keep it fresh, I know, What am I supposed to respond to that? I’m sure you are and I accept your apologies… Matter of fact, I am (have you been stalking my fb page?)!

BTW, #HowsYourWifeAndKids?


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2016




I want to feel the way I feel when I’m in falling…
You know?
When I’m falling for someone.

I want to be up all night and not be tired in the morning because of the thrill.

I want to forget to eat because my stomach feels as full as if the content of my heart was poured into it.

I want that makeup-free glow and bear that true smile: that blessed smile that only extra O2 can bring

The one that remains on your face – All. Day. Long. First Base

But… I don’t want to be bothered

Because, usually, when I feel this way it means trouble my friend.

When I feel this way it usually means that a lot of blog entries and poems are to be written and songs chanted.

The more it wrecks your soul the more beautiful and enticing the outcome seems to be…


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2015


My friend just asked me why I was so drastic.

I replied: “Cause that is who I am”

Passionate and deliberate.

Sweet and soft and succulent… And drastic.


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2015

Back from my European tour – 2014

Europe is refreshing. As a tourist.

Photo Sep 19, 20 44 30Once again, my vacations met my expectations. I spent (almost) enough time everywhere I stopped so I could see my family and friends, and wouldn’t get bored. Although it was a fast-paced kinda vaca, the type you need days off so you can recover from it, it was amazingly entertaining!

Photo Sep 09, 11 49 30My highlights were always related to the beach, which I love dearly. For me there is nothing better than floating in the sea/ocean, rocked by the waves. Thank you to the elements blessing us with amazing weather and my friends for gracefully driving us around!!

Photo Sep 16, 15 40 19I also went in the Pyrenées and several other cities. I always feel really blessed to be able to enjoy that type of things.

As expected I didn’t need much in my luggage and even less than what I brought as September was strangely warm (I’m not complaining)

Happy to be back in Brooklyn now: ready for the new season and full of positive energy–

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2014

About my upcoming trip, and packing…


It has been going on for  a month now. I have been packing… then unpacking… and re-packing…

There is nothing like the excitement you feel when you are about to travel; at least for me. I have always loved it, so much that for a while was a flight attendant, so felt pretty good about my abilities to pack light (Erykah’s voice). Yet, there were always the untouched clothes, I would not rock for various reasons… which meant there was room for improvement!

So this year, I wanted to surpass myself by gearing up even smarter. This year my carry on will bear what all the clothes I will parade for my next 3 weeks of travel. Of course, it doesn’t mean I won’t shop (silly) but the goal will be to really make it work with what I got, and look GOOD – totally feasible.

As a disclaimer, it is way easier to pack at this time of the year, then it is in the winter, nonetheless, still a challenge! Also, my hair products are in my boo suitcase – gotta get my hair did, okayyyyyy????

Here’s how I proceeded:

  • My first step was to assess the weathers*: London has a very different feel than the South of France, Bordeaux, Paris and other cities I am visiting. So for me, layering would be the best option (always is anyway)
  • Secondly, I had plan my activities: I like to know what I will do, who I will meet and where; it makes the outfit choice way easier: laid back black pants and oxfords for London, jumpsuit, bathing suit, little cute dress and flats for Marseille, skinny jeans and gold accent bootsies for Paris…
  • Finally, I had to do a fitting, just to see if this will work. Let me tell you, it was the most tedious and fun part: it allowed me to edit a lot of things…

Now the luggage is finally packed, it is less than 10kg (or so it seems) and I am excited to share the looks in the upcoming weeks!

So stay tuned and check my IG page @fgibk!

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2014

It’s my Birthday!!!!!


Today I am celebrating my ninth-twenty-fifth birthday. What a joy to have made it that far. Looking back, I’m extremely proud of my achievements, and I’m overwhelmed by the plethora of possibilities ahead.

I used to think that I was getting old. But I don’t feel the same way anymore. I am getting wise— I don’t worry anymore about like I used to. I take it one day at the time, and have the strong belief that it all will come together. I am much more confident, well rounded, appreciative and stress-free that I used to be. I also enjoy observing and analyzing the processes, people and life in general.

My opinions are much more fluid.
I’m open to change, because I have nothing to be afraid of.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not easy everyday, I also get depressed sometimes, but overall there is no other place is rather be.

Happy birthday to me!

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2014

My little Business is 4 years old: Happy Birthday Aoede’s Hands


Four years ago I started my own small business Aoede’s Hands
It has been an interesting roller-coaster, full of challenges and lessons for me.

Firstly, It was never planned.

I have always loved accessorizing unbranded, very simple clothes with fabulous accessories, such as belts, shoes and bags. I also really loved earrings and necklaces, but the very pretty ones always were too pricy, and unfortunately I didn’t have the means to spend my money on those I really liked. #agirlgotbillstopay


The previous year, a friend of mine, Hiroko, made jewelry for one of her classes project, and gifted me a pair of earrings, which I loved (and still have). Until then, it never occurred to me that I could actually make it myself. So, after some research, mainly at the library, reading arts and craft books, I migrated to YouTube tutorials and blogs. I really liked fabric as a medium because I had been sewing since I was a child, and was very comfortable with it. I went down Fashion district and explored the millions of fabric stores. I finally found this African owner who carried beautiful wax (African fabric) and was willing to sell by the yard.


Let me tell you there were lots of trials and errors! However, I kept working on the product until I was satisfied finish. When I was happy with one piece, I proudly rock my pieces; then something amazing happened: I was constantly complimented by strangers about them, and even stopped. This lady asked me how much I was selling them. I was shocked! She wanted to pay me!!!


That was perfect, since I was a struggling student and I could use some extra cash to pay for classes and other expenses.


Since then, I have been creating and selling my accessories all over the world, opened an Etsy boutique, participated to many events and street fairs. This allowed me to meet and collaborate with lots of very interesting people and grow as an individual. I also had a lot of supports from my beautiful friends in all areas, from helping me build my website, to organizing photoshoots, purchasing fabric on their trip to Africa, writing articles in French, English, Japanese, etc… tagging and promoting my jewelry!


One of the highlights of Aoede’s Hands was when Tatiana Ward aka BeatFaceHoney made this amazing video.


I am so grateful of all the opportunities that were given to me and I hope the future will soon bring Aoede’s Hands to another level, now that I can dedicate more time for expansion and promotion!

❤ Thank you to all ❤


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2014

This desire of being acknowledged, yet to be left alone

IMG_0078Almost everyday, I leave my house with this desire of being acknowledged, yet to be left alone. Acknowledged as that girl who enjoys being well put together. Although I hate to care so much about how I look, I will be honest: I meticulously stare at myself in the mirror at least once a day; However, I often end up taking “the looks” down a notch, downgrading, by changing outfits, avoiding wearing makeup, wearing an extra layer of clothing, so I will not to be solicited by strangers, cause I rather be left alone. And when it is still not enough, and someone vociferously indulges in a public space, I just stare back until I make them feel ashamed of themselves. When they whisper something as I walk by, I turn back and ask out loud: “excuse me sir, but did you ask something?” Most time, caught of guard they say no. I am assertive, but I won’t unnecessarily put myself in danger: I am very cautious, and constantly assess my surroundings, just in case. For some reason, I am overly sensitive to these type of injustices lately; I am literally enraged at how oppressed and constrained women are treated. Most of us are so used to it that we see it as normalcy. I tend to believe that long ago men realized how powerful women were; then, they had no choice but to create ways to control us, set boundaries and instill a sense of insecurity so to keep their influence. The more I think about it, the more I learn how things work, the more it makes sense: I feel as I am walking out of a fog, some sort of the awakening… I am like Neo when he finally enters the matrix: he can’t deny the fact, nor ignore the reality anymore. I am enlightened. #fightthepower


Disclaimer: my ideas and opinions are subjected to change as I go through this beautiful thing we call life. You can help me shape my ideas by commenting and sharing your own perspective, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2014



My hair was too wild and my skin too brown – so they said.

I wished my hair was straight and long and my eyes clear as the sea, so they’d like me. I wanted color lenses so badly so I could be pretty [too].

It was hard, not being acknowledged in so many ways.

But I knew was that I was kinda smart: I always had the best grades, and it came easy. I liked school and was interested in all sorts of things! It’s not like I had a social life anyway.

Racism was rampant, and I was called names many times at school. At home, it was more subtle, at time. I was not directly attacked; but those who looked like me were vilified; and when I experienced distress and spoke out, I was told it was “in my head”.

Over the years, somehow, things have changed, have evolved, even if we still have a lot to accomplish.

I am glad today because I have learnt to let go bitterness; I am, however, very aware of people’s behavior and understand those who don’t understand. How could they?

It takes extra effort and sympathy to “get it”.

It takes courage to walk in my shoes for at least a couple of miles.

It takes strength to accept life is not always as in the movies.

It takes humility not to judge.

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2014