The choices are to either analyze our imperfections or accept that life is ever evolving. Our reflection is carefully filtered and perception sublimed by our own expectations – our own biases… Fluidity of the mind sounds fundamental to contentment and happiness, as rigidity seems to hinder our ability to embrace changes. It is not easyContinue reading “#FullDisclosure”


I immersed myself in the springs of your Love and emerged as [the] One. I then wrapped my temple in a cocoon made of rose petals and orchids –  closed my eyes and surrendered – to the Universe. Dreamt of butterflies kissing my hands and collarbones, in a vast garden surrounded by birch trees. LaidContinue reading “#ToMyPrince”


       Carry me around through these doors and #MakeMeFeelLike You’ve been waiting for it all along. Cause it’s been a while since… #MakeMeFeelLike you’ve been waiting for It. All this time; and you were longing for it. For real, fo real… #MakeMeFeelLike you’ve been dreaming about it  #MakeMeFeelLike you putting your best work…Continue reading “#MakeMeFeelLike “


Drafted Friday while watching Brandee Younger (Harp), Dezron Douglas (Bass) & David Bryant (piano) playing at #TheWestVillageSeries’ @ Cheikh’s. Edited at 3am Saturday morning, up from drinking so much Champagne. I tip the glass to my lips, Allow the champagne to burn my tongue, Then, flow down my throat Liquid gold – I’m gone. I closeContinue reading “#TheBuzz”


#iSurrender. To the Water, The Wind and the Sun. The Water. I drown deep and let my fears roll down my face. I exhale to the surface to catch my breath, inhale and drown time and time, ’til I can be myself again… #iSurrender. To the Water, The Wind and the Sun. The Wind. InfiltratesContinue reading “#iSurrender”


#ExesBeLike: Sup’ girl #ExesBeLike: How’s your man/bf/husband? #ExesBeLike: “like” your IG/fb pics *all of a sudden* #ExesBeLike: you lookin’ good gurl… #ExesBeLike: I messed up… #ExesBeLike: I *still* miss you. #ExesBeLike: I’m sorry… #ExesBeLike: are you in town? #MeBeLike: I is good, I’m divorced, hmm…. thanks: trying to keep it fresh, I know, What amContinue reading “#ExesBeLike”

Back from my European tour – 2014

Europe is refreshing. As a tourist. Once again, my vacations met my expectations. I spent (almost) enough time everywhere I stopped so I could see my family and friends, and wouldn’t get bored. Although it was a fast-paced kinda vaca, the type you need days off so you can recover from it, it was amazinglyContinue reading “Back from my European tour – 2014”

About my upcoming trip, and packing…

It has been going on for  a month now. I have been packing… then unpacking… and re-packing… There is nothing like the excitement you feel when you are about to travel; at least for me. I have always loved it, so much that for a while was a flight attendant, so felt pretty good aboutContinue reading “About my upcoming trip, and packing…”

It’s my Birthday!!!!!

Today I am celebrating my ninth-twenty-fifth birthday. What a joy to have made it that far. Looking back, I’m extremely proud of my achievements, and I’m overwhelmed by the plethora of possibilities ahead. I used to think that I was getting old. But I don’t feel the same way anymore. I am getting wise— IContinue reading “It’s my Birthday!!!!!”

My little Business is 4 years old: Happy Birthday Aoede’s Hands

Four years ago I started my own small business Aoede’s Hands It has been an interesting roller-coaster, full of challenges and lessons for me. Firstly, It was never planned. I have always loved accessorizing unbranded, very simple clothes with fabulous accessories, such as belts, shoes and bags. I also really loved earrings and necklaces, butContinue reading “My little Business is 4 years old: Happy Birthday Aoede’s Hands”

This desire of being acknowledged, yet to be left alone

Almost everyday, I leave my house with this desire of being acknowledged, yet to be left alone. Acknowledged as that girl who enjoys being well put together. Although I hate to care so much about how I look, I will be honest: I meticulously stare at myself in the mirror at least once a day;Continue reading “This desire of being acknowledged, yet to be left alone”