I am a graduate!

photo(3)I am curious. I like to know why things work the way they work, people act and think the way they do. My quest for knowledge is driven by my fascination for understanding.
Every new experience is an opportunity to adjust and strengthen my beliefs and grow accordingly.
When I decided to switch majors a few years ago and chose to get into the science of health and nutrition (a concept that seemed interesting enough at the time), I had not done much research; yet, my impetuous nature got the best of me, so I run with it; I do not regret it.
I am extremely glad I am graduating. If 10 years ago one had told me will come the time I would obtain a 4-year degree, I don’t know if I would have believed them.
Over the years I have learned so much, especially in the field of science. It opened my soul to a greater cognitive awareness and allowed me to see the world like never before: one of the most valuable skills I have acquired is the ability to critically think about the information that is presented to me and challenge it, for reliability and accuracy.
I have been thinking on what my next move will be. I might want to get a master’s degree, eventually. I also have other projects I would like to work on… I just have to pick one, commit and to bring it to completion.
Whatever it is I feel it is going to be epic. Congratulation to me and to all the graduates: Bravo!!!

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2014

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A blog about #ME: The Self-declared Woman of a Rich Ethnical and Cultural Background moving through life with a very unique lense - #WRECB

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