You can’t love me the way I deserve to be loved
But I’ll drink your magic until I’m back on my feet

I’ll write poems, chant songs and tingle inside
Passionately remembering – in the back of my mind – my furtive encounter with your #AlterEgo

Compounded memories of our tongues intertwined fade while
Your dexterity stays engraved down my spine:
Limpid as the water that flowed down my thighs,
That time.

I’ll forever be grateful for the inspiration you gave me
And the growth your indifference engendered within me

You pushed me through doors
Of unforeseen bliss:
A short-lived elation
Yet, overall mighty

You revamped my dull reality
Into an exhilarating maze
I now am finally finding the grand entrance

Don’t you recall a thing?
Or, should I assume you’re pretending not to?
For no weeks, for me, pass without the simple thought of you

I inconspicuously experiment, still, on our past esoteric frequency –
All #ForResearchPurposes
Of course:
Just to further humanity.


©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2017

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