Holidays’ Edition: Gift Ideas for Yogi

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Starting this week, and every Thursday until the holidays I will be sharing gift ideas for the people you love. Let us begin with one of my favorite collections: The Afro Yogi Collection. It was inspired after my yoga retreat in Goa India. It features Black Yogi and is meant to promote yoga within the community and normalize black natural hairstyles! Please click on the link below to be redirected to the page!

1. The Wearable

black yoga illustration christmas tshirt
Lotus Position Sweater for the Holidays

2. Laptops, Cups and More

Final Words for this Week

Mix and Match! Get Yourself of someone you care about a bunch of notebooks or a T-shirt with a matching notebook and a cup etc… Please find all the Afro Yogi Goodies on my website (Gift Cards Available – just NOT for the notebooks). Let me know if I can help.

Take care and Happy Holiday Shopping!!!

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