Holidays’ Editon: Gifts for Book Lovers

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.Every Thursday until the holidays I will be sharing gift ideas for the people you love. Today I will feature gifts for book lovers. I love to read and one of my favorite things to receive are books! This is where I find a lot of my inspiration as well as wisdom. You can check a list of my favorite books here. Now, let us start with gift ideas for book lovers.

1. The Obvious

Gift Books! You can either support an independent bookstore near you or give a gift card to be used at a local bookstore!

Here are some books that just came out and which in my opinion will be amazing gifts for the holidays:

A kindle: although I am a big fan of physical books, a kindle become super handy when traveling. Instead of a bulky hardcover book (or if you are like me, a bunch of them), book lovers will be able to carry around as many as they want. Definitely, a beautiful gift to consider!

2. Reading Accessories

I have to say, these ones are game-changers for me:

The booklight: If you are anything like me and like to read in your bed at night, sometimes the local luminosity is not up to par. No problems: this light is awesome for that: it has 3 warm color intensities so it does not hurt your eyes. Honestly, one of the best purchases I made this year.

The Book Log: I used to highlight and write book quotes in my notebook. Not anymore: now I can just write them neatly in my reading notebook, so I can easily refer to them at a later date if I wish to.

The Bed Rest Pillow: give whoever invented this a prize! This is so comfortable and useful. I have found mine at Target, but I have been seeing similar ones at other department stores.

Bed Rest Pillow 

3. Cute Read-Related Wearable

Reading Girl Unisex Sweatshirt

4. Final Words you Can Read (Pun Intended)

Again: Mix and Match! A gift does not have to break the bank (IMO) it just has to be thoughtful.

Take care and Happy Holiday Shopping!!!

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