Holidays’ Edition: Gifts for Your Artsy Friends

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It is an art to make good gifts. You have to not only listen and be really attentive to what people have to say.  To me, it does not have to be expensive (although sometimes it can be): it has to be thoughtful and be about the person you gift it to (not what you think they should get). Every Thursday until the holidays I will be sharing gift ideas for the people you love. Today I will feature gifts for the Artsy People in your life. They either love Art, or they are artists, and oftentimes: they are both! Here are some ideas to consider.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Museum Memberships

Photo by Scott Webb on

Museum membership. Gift someone you love a yearly membership to the local museum! If you are in Big cities large cities such as New York, London, or Paris, you may have to choose between a few, but rest assured, most major cities (and even smaller cities) have beautiful art to see over and over again and new artist to be discovered!

Be Inspired by the Greats: Artist Books

There are hundreds of amazing artist books. I will share some that have caught my eye and interest lately:

Add to their Collection: Art Piece

Investing in an art piece can be intimidating: however, it does not have to be. Nowadays it is easier than ever to find beautiful art online. Platforms such as Saatchi or Etsy have made this process smooth and effortless. Of course, you could purchase originals, but also consider original and signed copies. Some artists I like

Last Words for your Artsy Friends

It is an art to make good gifts, no doubt, all we have to do is to listen carefully and act accordingly.

You can find my original art for sale here


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