News: I am the New SistrunKollective Member in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I am really excited to announce that I am now the newest member of the SistrunKollective. The SistrunKollective is a Co-op style retail boutique featuring merchandise by local artisans and entrepreneurs. The boutique is located inside the Sistrunk Marketplace (10 top-quality restaurants food court), 115 NW 6th Street in Fort Lauderdale’s  Art District. This basically meansContinue reading “News: I am the New SistrunKollective Member in Fort Lauderdale, Florida”

Happy Valentine’s Day! Free Download 🤍

It’s Valentine’s Day and I am here for it! I haven’t always celebrated Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day but as I become wiser in experiences, I feel like any opportunity is worth celebrating. This year, I wanted to gift you something unique so here’s an exclusive illustration you can download, print and color for yourContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day! Free Download 🤍”

Holidays’ Edition: Gifts for Your Artsy Friends

Subscribe to my newsletter As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It is an art to make good gifts. You have to not only listen and be really attentive to what people have to say.  To me, it does not have to be expensive (although sometimes it can be): it has to beContinue reading “Holidays’ Edition: Gifts for Your Artsy Friends”

Dotted Symmetry 101

Subscribe to my newsletter: There is nothing more satisfying than completing a painting you’ve been working on for countless hours over several days! I have just recently started to work on larger canvases and I it is a bit challenging: Well for starter, it obviously takes way longer to paint it. One section atContinue reading “Dotted Symmetry 101”

Abstract is my Art: a Poem

Subscribe to my newsletter: Abstract is my Art It all started withThe grainy sound ofA fine tip pen on construction paper. It reminded me ofWhen as a childI would write with my fountain pen on a blotting paper. In chaotic times,drawing the linesbrings me solace. Abstract is my ArtI mimic life’s intricacyYet keep it simple,ItContinue reading “Abstract is my Art: a Poem”

Full Circle.

Subscribe to my newsletter: It’s been already 3 months. It is hard to project yourself when we don’t know what tomorrow holds, which for lots of us, including myself, induces lots of stress. My way of coping with anxiety has been to spend as much time as possible creating. I was working with lots ofContinue reading “Full Circle.”