Galentine’s Day: on Friendship and Sisterhood

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Every single year, a few weeks after Christmas – millions of people religiously celebrate the highly anticipated and anxiety-inducing (for some) commercial holiday Valentine’s Day, when all extravagances are permitted (if not encouraged), grossing an average of 20 billion dollars annually out of your pockets (

For the past decade, a new trend has been raging: on February 13th – one day shy of Valentine’s Day – thousands of women have been celebrating Galentine’s Day, the holiday dedicated to L.O.V.E.S like no other in many women’s life: friendship and sisterhood.

Where Does the Term Galentines come from?

The term “Galentine” was made popular by the comedic sitcom Parks and Recreation where Leslie Knope, one of the main protagonists, organizes a Dance to celebrate the women in her life. After the episode aired, back in February 2010, the term started to gain in popularity and started a life of its own becoming the phenomenon it is today.

Why Celebrate Galentines?

I usually try to celebrate and cheer up the women in my life as much as I can, yet feel for those who do not, it can become the opportunity to start something new. Society still tends to overlook our contribution as friends and sisters – and a gentle reminder of our importance is always welcomed.

How to Celebrate Galentines?

So many ways to do so! It does not have to break the bank and depending on your Galentine’s “Love Language” it can range from a handcrafted postcard to a phone call to remind them how much you appreciate and love them. , or a little gift to a coffee/lunch date!

Gift Ideas to Celebrate Galentines (From my Stores, hihi)

If you plan on spending some money, maybe that book they were talking about the other day, or a box of candy/chocolate is always a great idea. Here are gift ideas directly from my Society6 page:

Heart Notebooks on Amazon Prime

Gratitude Journals on Amazon Prime


Regardless of what you decide to get your Galentine, I am sure your gals will appreciate it!


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