Illustrations for Local Spa in Delray Beach, FL

A month ago I went to an entrepreneur meet-up at Vegan Fine Body, a local shop in Boca Raton that carries my Epurée Collection Notebooks. It is always nice to meet like-minded ladies in the area, a great way to network and make new friends! From this meeting alone, I was able to connect withContinue reading “Illustrations for Local Spa in Delray Beach, FL”

Pourquoi Je N’utilise Plus le Terme Métis(se)”

Avant tout, je pense qu’il est important de préciser que je crois en une seule race: la race humaine, mais que dans le contexte ci-dessous, je définis les race en tant que construction sociale qui affecte celles et ceux qui sont catégorisés de “racisées”. Les valeurs de chacun sont à prendre en considération car siContinue reading “Pourquoi Je N’utilise Plus le Terme Métis(se)””

February 2022 and the 28 Days Of Black Hair Challenge

This past February month, in honor of Black History Month 2022, visual artist Vashti Harrison initiated a Black Hairstyle Illustration Challenge on Instagram #28DaysOfBlackHair – to celebrate Black Hair’s beauty and versatility. I decided to participate (although haven’t completed all entries) The Idea Initially, I created this girl character for a children’s book I would like toContinue reading “February 2022 and the 28 Days Of Black Hair Challenge”

New This Month: February 2022

Subscribe to my Newsletter. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Here are this month’s highlights. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions! Click on pic to be redirected to item online boutique 1. Stationery In French, épuré(e) could translate as “Sleek and stylish”. This is exactly what this line of notebooks stands for. CleanContinue reading “New This Month: February 2022”

Sleek & Stylish: Introducing the Épurée Stationery Collection, by Daphné Essiet

I don’t know what came first: my love for writing or my excitement with paper goods: all I know is that the possibility of pouring my soul on paper is something that fills me with joy. Each time I find cute or original notebooks, I spend away all my pocket money!

Your New Favorite Coloring Book for Adult

Subscribe to my newsletter As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Scientists, along with artists (who are scientists too – iMO) have demonstrated that people have a universal aesthetic inclination for symmetrical designs and patterns. From Conceptualizing to Creating a Tool For Better Health When I started my artistic practice back in 2018,Continue reading “Your New Favorite Coloring Book for Adult”

Galentine’s Day: on Friendship and Sisterhood

Subscribe to my Newsletter. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Every single year, a few weeks after Christmas – millions of people religiously celebrate the highly anticipated and anxiety-inducing (for some) commercial holiday Valentine’s Day, when all extravagances are permitted (if not encouraged), grossing an average of 20 billion dollars annually out ofContinue reading “Galentine’s Day: on Friendship and Sisterhood”

New This Month of December 2021

Subscribe to my Newsletter. Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The year is coming to an end, and what a year! I believe that all that time alone away from usual distractions forced my creativity to show up in (un)expected ways. It has been a work in progress and definitely a time to reflectContinue reading “New This Month of December 2021”

Artist of the Day: New Article in “Not Real Art” Online Publication

Months ago I applied for a grant through the online magazine NOT REAL ART that “celebrates artists and empowers their work with unique stories, podcasts, grants, experiences, and more“. Although I made it through the elimination stages for a few rounds, I didn’t become one of the recipients this year. You can discover through thisContinue reading “Artist of the Day: New Article in “Not Real Art” Online Publication”

The Power of the Mantra: #iAmEnough

Subscribe to my newsletter: A few years ago, on this very same blog, I posted a poem called #iAmEnough. I can’t exactly recall how this particular poem came to be, but I know I was challenging the notion of “being put down”. Put down by others, by society, by ourselves – based on others andContinue reading “The Power of the Mantra: #iAmEnough”

On Dancing: How Representation Can Encourage Black Youth to Turn to Dance

Subscribe to my newsletter: Representation matters. When I was about 4-5 years old I was taken to a dance class in my neighborhood. I honestly can’t recall what happened that day but by the end of the class I know I never wanted to go back again. Fast forward years later when I movedContinue reading “On Dancing: How Representation Can Encourage Black Youth to Turn to Dance”

Special Ladies: Celebrating Inspiring Women

Subscribe to my newsletter: This post was to be published last month in honor of #WomenHistoryMonth but with everything that’s been happening, in New York and the world, I had put this aside and focused on other things. I’m happy and excited to finally do this and share these pieces with you. It hasn’t alwaysContinue reading “Special Ladies: Celebrating Inspiring Women”


You may not fully appreciate your blessings because you are comparing yourself to a team’s efforts to make someone fit a current standard of perfection You have to recognize you already are pretty wonderful and stand out on your own! You are smart, kind & taste like Meyer lemons meringue tart Cheer up + #GetYourTeamTogetherContinue reading “#GetYourTeamTogether”


Even tho I may project My own fears and biases I am #blessed and fulfilled Regardless of how I feel Into my sometimes blurry lenses I Get pushed and pulled back Before my own eyes All I need is a shift A bit of perspective For my hopes and my dreams To ever become clearContinue reading “#Blessed”