Your New Favorite Coloring Book for Adult

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Scientists, along with artists (who are scientists too – iMO) have demonstrated that people have a universal aesthetic inclination for symmetry and patterns.

From Conceptualizing a Coloring Book to Creating a Tool For Better Mental Health!

When I started my artistic practice back in 2018, symmetrical designs were one of the first type of drawing I experimented with, and honed my illustrator skills by creating my Chromatic Ecstasy collection:

Friends suggested that these designs would be perfect for coloring books. I thought it was a great idea, but I never got to put it together… I did some research and found out that coloring was a great way to relax and instantly break free from the stresses of everyday life! This was definitely something I wanted to get into. Of course, it does not replace seeing a professional therapist, but this is a fun tool to help people better their mental health by alleviating some of the temporary daily challenges, not unlike my gratitude journals!

Putting in the Work to Create Beautiful Symmetrical Illustrations

Since I only had a limited amount of illustrations, I had to work hard and spent this past month creating the additional “zen doodles” to be featured in this coloring book: in total, this book contains 50 original drawings I created on Procreate and then digitized in illustrator!

After all this hard work, I had to create the cover and create the inside of the notebook. It was a lot of work, but I have to say, it was worth it. I am super excited and proud to introduce you to my first “Coloring Book for Grown-Ups“. Here’s the cover below!

Perfect gift for experienced colorists/colorers looking for a little challenge!

some samples:

A little Timelapse of my work

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