Your New Favorite Coloring Book for Adult

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Scientists, along with artists (who are scientists too – iMO) have demonstrated that people have a universal aesthetic inclination for symmetrical designs and patterns.

From Conceptualizing to Creating a Tool For Better Health

When I started my artistic practice back in 2018, this was one of the first principles I experimented with and honed my illustrator skills by creating my Chromatic Ecstasy collection:

Friends suggested that these designs would be perfect for coloring books. I thought it was a great idea, but I never got to put it together… I did some research and found out that coloring was a great way to relax and instantly break free from the stresses of everyday life! This was definitely something I wanted to get into. Of course, it does not replace seeing a professional therapist, but this is a fun tool to help people better their mental health by alleviating some of the temporary daily challenges, not unlike my gratitude journals!

Putting in the Work

Since I only had a limited amount of illustrations, I had to work hard and spent this past month creating the additional “zendoodles” to be featured in this coloring book: in total, this book contains 50 original drawings! I am so excited and proud to introduce you to my first “Coloring Book for Grown-Ups“. Here’s the cover below!

Perfect gift for experienced colorists/colorers looking for a little challenge!

some samples:

Timelapse of my work:

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