Pride is a necessary evil, which unbalanced, will make you waste time on love and might even bruise a beautiful relationship (to be) beyond repair;

And yes, everyone’s goal is to protect their heart; and granted, indifference allows time for sensitive soul to heal accordingly, and yes: actions do speak louder than words, even though sometimes, the reasons behind the actions are deeper than what we assume.

I guess you will have to ponder if it is worth it in the end.

Can your heart afford to lose a love that might change the course of time?
Can your heart afford to lose the opportunity to raise your soul to higher grounds?

These are Valid Questions you might want to ask yourself when ish* are going down.


Proud. We. Are.

©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2015

Published by French Girl In Brooklyn

A blog about #ME: The Self-declared Woman of a Rich Ethnical and Cultural Background moving through life with a very unique lense - #WRECB

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