Daphné essiet performing at Nublu on Jan 6th 2018

My Ukulele Story: From Hawaii to New York

Before the show started there was a brief 30-seconds soundcheck then I started. I was a nerve wreck. Fortunately, one of my superpowers “being able to fake it big time” nobody seem to notice, although I was shaking throughout the entire set. Continue reading My Ukulele Story: From Hawaii to New York

Books, TED Talks, Podcasts, and Youtube Channels I Like

Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/gn I love to learn new things, and the more I do, the more I realize how much there is to learn. It is a bit overwhelming… So I thought, if you are like me, you may like some recommendations, books I read, podcasts I listen to, videos I watch, etc… I find that word of mouth is a great way to discover things I never thought about! I tried to put the link almost everywhere so all you have to do is click! My first source of inspiration when it comes to improving myself are books. … Continue reading Books, TED Talks, Podcasts, and Youtube Channels I Like

Reflecting on The Afropean-Self: How Moving to New York Allowed me to Emancipate Myself from Expectations

Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/gn Michele Obama wrote “Becoming” and Alicia Keys “More Myself”, and over the years women of all ages and life paths have been uncovering their genuine selves. It is a sentiment I am myself familiar with and have been seeking for a long time: a quest for authenticity. I often tell people that moving to New York allowed me to emancipate myself from the strong societal pressure and expectations I was feeling in France. Not that France is a bad place to live, but it was not an environment for me to thrive at the time. I … Continue reading Reflecting on The Afropean-Self: How Moving to New York Allowed me to Emancipate Myself from Expectations

Do You Like Notebooks or People Who do?

When I started to create my illustrations a couple of years ago, this was one of the first things I wanted to make: notebooks featuring my art. At the time, I looked for months into suppliers: unfortunately, I neither had the funds nor the space to store the eventual purchase of dozen of notebooks. A few months back, I was watching TikTok videos (of all places) and realized that I could create that type of product with Amazon as a supplier Continue reading Do You Like Notebooks or People Who do?

If This Was Up To Me

Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/gn If this was up to me, I’d spend my life in school. When I say “if this was up to me” I mean, if I had the financial means to do so. I have been “visualizing it” and “calling it into existence” – probably not hard enough or too many people are doing the same and I just have to be patient… I dream about money coming out of “nowhere”, meeting a generous billionaire who wants to facilitate someone else’s life: mine! All I want is a house, my own house – two stories with a … Continue reading If This Was Up To Me

On Doing What’s Right

Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/gn Two people can do or react similarly for different reasons. Two people can do and react differently for the same reason. Read that again. It’s hard to tell which is which for many reasons. One: we project – we tend to empathize more with those who look like us or we relate to. We automatically side their way – the one we feel safest. Two: conditioning. In order to survive, humans instinctively form groups and rely on patterns to know what’s safe or not; we follow the rules so we keep within the group. Unfortunately, these … Continue reading On Doing What’s Right

On Being an Intellectual

I recently spent some quality time in France with family – I was staying at my grandmother’s house. One day we we had a disagreement and she said to me I was “such an intellectual” – she said it the same way republicans call you a “liberal”. I laughed things off and kept it moving as I usually do: to deflate the hurt a kin inflicts others when themselves are in pain. To say the truth, I was annoyed at first, but then got curious about why she thought that voicing my opinion was a problem. It took some time, … Continue reading On Being an Intellectual

On Self-Actualization

Awareness is the first step at dismantling who “you are” so you can become your true self. Without it, you can stay parked in the dream, indefinitely. Once you are aware that, until then, outside forces have played a huge part in shaping your existence, you can finally “move on” – but not without going through stages of grief first, of course; because even if it can be a relief to realize you didn’t get where you are “on your own”, you are now to embark on a journey with yourself. Take a deep breath. Once you’ve accepted that it’s … Continue reading On Self-Actualization


There is something to be said about The way you think of others The way you feel about them It teaches you about yourself Your insecurities & soft spots Your biaises & blind spots Are you aware of Your Priviledge and whatnot? Perfection has never been a requirement for Love Being loved Or Self-worth So cheer up and give yourself a break It’s time to #KissAndMakeUp with yourself ©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading #KissAndMakeUp


You may not fully appreciate your blessings because you are comparing yourself to a team’s efforts to make someone fit a current standard of perfection You have to recognize you already are pretty wonderful and stand out on your own! You are smart, kind & taste like Meyer lemons meringue tart Cheer up + #GetYourTeamTogether ©️ Daphné Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading #GetYourTeamTogether


Even tho I may project My own fears and biases I am #blessed and fulfilled Regardless of how I feel Into my sometimes blurry lenses I Get pushed and pulled back Before my own eyes All I need is a shift A bit of perspective For my hopes and my dreams To ever become clear Then promplty energized Open heart, Spirit High I give Joy another Chance And Love in again ©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading #Blessed


Shit’s complicated- but here we are: making the best of it. Beating the odds Breaking records we never knew existed Yet, too often living with restraint Tipi toeing around fragile egos. Their subconsciously know that the Power sipping through our pores must meticulously get washed away by judgement & ever so slightly policed, err’day With diligence – to prevent Impetus to propels us so Fast & Furiously As our brightness will challenge Black Holes – And more. #Momentum ©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading #Momentum


1. Watching cat videos on Instagram 2. Roaming in Marshall’s for hours 3. Eating Nutella 4. listening to 90’s misogynist hip hop songs 5. Girls dancing on a pole 6. Internet shopping 7. Smoking Shisha 8. Sipping on Hendricks + Tonic + 3 lemons 9. Pretty boys 10. Your lips on mine #TenGuiltyPleasures ©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading #TenGuiltyPleasures


The story of one way extrapolation The ultimate Trap. My Ego’s boosted whilst yours bruised I’ve been down this road before I know how it feels It feels just like tachycardia on blush cheeks Mixed emotions ’bout my Crush & my Feelings, & Crushed Feelings Deflected [Lust] interest My Ego’s bruised whilst his boosted I refuse to contribute to relationship turning vinegar Nor entertain a flame lacking flamboyance I’m not the One I’ve been down this road before I know how it feels It feels just like yet another unanswered text A “full-on” Soul Ache Deflected [Love] interest Your Ego’s … Continue reading #OnFriendzoning

The Form or How Moving to America Reshaped my Identity as a Woman of Rich Cultural and Ethnical Background.

I was 23 the first time I was asked to officially identify my race. I had to fill an employment form and could only pick one option. The situation was anxiety-inducing because despite the fact of not being white, could I call myself black?  As long as I can remember, people always asked: “Tu es de quelle origine?*” (what’s your background) or just assumed I was [insert whatever brown ethnicity they are acquainted with here]. Such remarks always came across as micro-agression, even more so because I had no answers. My mother is French and white, and I found out … Continue reading The Form or How Moving to America Reshaped my Identity as a Woman of Rich Cultural and Ethnical Background.