Celebrating Black Francophone Women, from the Caribbean, Africa and France – Part1

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In America, we often celebrate icons such as Toni Morrison, Dr Maya Angelou, Oprah or Angela Davis.

I feel like there is real a lack of Africans, Caribbean and Afropeans women depicted in art, so I decided to create some pieces featuring black and brown women I learnt about over the year, some in school in the USA, on French TV, or simply social media.

Do you recognize/know any of them?

Christiane Taubira

Christiane Taubira is a writer and French politician, who served as Minister of Justice of France in the government of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault under President François Hollande from 2012 until 2016. She was a member of the National Assembly of France for French Guiana (1993-2012) and of the European Parliament (1994-1999).

Maryse Condé

Maryse Condé is a French novelist, critic, and playwright from the French Overseas department and region of Guadeloupe. Condé is best known for her novel Ségou. Her novels explore the African diaspora that resulted from slavery and colonialism in the Caribbean.

Cameroonian author Calixthe Béyala

Calixthe Beyala is a Cameroonian author and member of the Eton people. She published her first book, “C’est le soleil qui m’a brûlée”, at the age of 23 and eventually chose to become a full-time writer.

Cameroonian author and vocalist Léonora Miano

Léonora Miano is a Cameroonian author and vocalist. She published her first novel, Dark Heart of the Night, which was well received by French critics, receiving six prizes: Les Lauriers Verts de la Forêt des Livres, Révélation (2005), the Louis Guilloux prize (2006), the Prix du Premier Roman de Femme (2006), the René-Fallet prize (2006), the Bernard-Palissy prize (2006),and the Cameroonian Excellence prize (2007). The Lire magazine awarded it with the title of the best first French novel in 2005. Her second novel, Contours du jour qui vient, received the Goncourt des lycéens prize, which was discerned by a jury of young high schoolers between the ages of 15 and 18.

Rokhaya Diallo

Rokhaya Diallo, is a French journalist, author, filmmaker, and activist for racial, gender and religious equality. According to The New York Times, she is “one of France’s most prominent anti-racism activists.” She is a BET-France host and has produced and/or directed documentaries, television and radio programs.

Assa Traore

Assa Traoré is a French activist and leader of the Committee for Justice and Truth for Adama. She became the Face of France’s Movement for Racial Justice after her brother, Adama Traoré, died in police custody. 

Maboula Soumahoro

Dr. Maboula Soumahoro is a French scholar whose work focuses on US and African-American studies. Since 2013, she is also the president of the Black History Month (BHM), an organization dedicated to the celebration of Black history and cultures throughout the world. Dr. Soumahoro is the author of Le Triangle et l’Hexagone, réflexions sur une identité noire (Black is the Journey, Africana the Name, La Découverte).

Noémi Lenoir

Noémie Lenoir is a French model and actress. She is known for her work with Gucci, L’Oréal, Next, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, Balmain Paris Hair Couture, and Marks and Spencer. She has been featured in a line-up of the world’s most successful black models by photographer Annie Leibovitz

All art created by me

Daphné Mia Essiet © All rights reserved.

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