LAX – Chapitre 2 (Short Story en 4 actes)

Comment eu-je pu refuser à une bouche si parfaite? Je partais donc à l’aventure avec des gens qui une demi-heure plus tôt n’étaient que de simples inconnus; pourtant, je ne pouvais m’empêcher de constater une forme de familiarité, j’étais parfaitement à l’aise avec eux. Comme s’ils faisaient parti de ma “long lost tribe”. Nous sortîmesContinue reading “LAX – Chapitre 2 (Short Story en 4 actes)”

Celebrating Black Francophone Women, from the Caribbean, Africa and France – Part1

Subscribe to my newsletter: In America, we often celebrate icons such as Toni Morrison, Dr Maya Angelou, Oprah or Angela Davis. I feel like there is real a lack of Africans, Caribbean and Afropeans women depicted in art, so I decided to create some pieces featuring black and brown women I learnt about overContinue reading “Celebrating Black Francophone Women, from the Caribbean, Africa and France – Part1”


I my name is Daphné and I’m addicted to internet browsing: I can honestly say that I’m wasting countless hours looking for new clothes, shoes, accessories, make up, books, cute animal videos, TED talks, and everything else under the sun. Instead of doing what I ought to do, I often feed my addiction by consultingContinue reading “#TheOnlineShoppingCase”