The Power of the Mantra: #iAmEnough

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Pic by Derrel Anthony, Bed Stuy 2015

A few years ago, on this very same blog, I posted a poem called #iAmEnough. I can’t exactly recall how this particular poem came to be, but I know I was challenging the notion of “being put down”. Put down by others, by society, by ourselves – based on others and society’s opinions.

By writing this ode to myself, I was channeling my inner compassion and eventually invoking radical self-love. I have to say it is not always easy to do so. For me, It started by deconstructing years of oppressive thought patterns and judgemental views towards who I was and was supposed to be. This theme of self-acceptance and growth prompted several of the poems I wrote in my first opus published in 2019.

I find it powerful to proclaim “being enough” in a world that strives for perfection and constantly belittles who we are, especially as a woman of color – or any other marginalized group for that matter. Over the years, I came to the conclusion (I am sure many others did) that Shame is the Tool of the Oppressor. This statement helped me more than once to reassess and recalibrate situations I go through on a regular basis. Reframing experiences has been a great way for me to understand myself and others’ behaviors – or at least tried to.

In that sense, #iAmEnough is simply is a way to celebrate yourself – and others, a self-love statement. A mantra to be sung anytime life gives you lemons and you rather have lemonade. So say it after me: I am Enough (and so are you)

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