Aesthetically Yours: In Love with Symmetry, Patterns, and Colors!

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Let’s talk about symmetry today – not physical and individual symmetry, but in art, shall we?

The Things We Love

Scientists, along with artists (who are scientists too – don’t get fooled) have demonstrated time and time again that people have a universal aesthetic preference for symmetry. I have always loved patterns and symmetry myself, and I think anyone that knows my art can see these influences.

When I started my artistic practice, I created a couple of Abstract art collections based on symmetry. I call the first one “Chromatic Ecstasy” – the other one “Collection 2”, which I absolutely love.

Chromatic Ecstasy #12
Collection 2 – Mister Cat

Since the beginning of the year, I have been creating other amazing works influenced by it like “Sacredly” and my Larger Scale “Dotted.” paintings, both series inspired by Sacred Geometry (for close-ups, check Sacred Geometry 100 & Sacred Geometry 101)

My Process

Recently, I have been playing with patterns while creating covers for my new notebooks.

I have been using tiny doodle illustrations I have made in 2018 (one of them is my logo, below) and rearranging them into patterns.

My Logo

It is has been hella fun and honestly, I am looking forward to creating more! Here’s an example of what I have done:

After creating on paper then digitizing my art (I have a hard time with the iPad still and am not versed in creating directly on procreate), I arrange them into a symmetrically aesthetic item in illustrator mainly using the Rotate Tool (R), the Reflect Tool (O). I finish by picking colors (at this point, I don’t bother too much with the “right colors”, as I usually end up looking for different palettes) – In the past, I created my pattern manually with eh Move Tool (Shit+Command+M) – but this time I used the “Pattern Tool” from Illustrator. Here’s the result:

It personally reminds me of ornamental Rococo and Baroque designs we used to have at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid. I call it “Modern/Pop Rococo” or Baroque-ish. What do you think? For me, it further confirms my attraction for this type of comeliness.

Here are some I have published on Amazon (paid link). I will continue to create and post all my notebooks on my “Notebook on Amazon” page here.

more in the following months so stay tuned~

Click on the icon to be redirected to the page of your choice (paid links)

7.25×9.5, 120 pages

7.25×9.5, 120 pages

7.25×9.5, 120 pages

7.25×9.5, 120 pages

7.25×9.5, 120 pages

6x9in, 120 Pages

6x9in, 120 Pages

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