“Dotted. A Fine Art Exhibit” Extended for January 2023 in Coconut Creek, FL

It has been another interesting year, and I am so grateful for all its blessings. Now that it is ending, I have one last event I would like to share with you all My Exhibit Extended for January 2023 at the North Regional Library of Coconut Creek, Florida Happy to announce that my exhibit willContinue reading ““Dotted. A Fine Art Exhibit” Extended for January 2023 in Coconut Creek, FL”

Fine Art Close Up: Dotted Symmetry 100

I am super excited to share this new piece with the community! Some New Fine Art Painting The large canvas (24x30in) was quite daunting at first, but the process became my main focus. I never really plan what I am going to draw beforehand, just that I would use a grey background (it wasn’t evenContinue reading “Fine Art Close Up: Dotted Symmetry 100”

Full Circle.

Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/gn It’s been already 3 months. It is hard to project yourself when we don’t know what tomorrow holds, which for lots of us, including myself, induces lots of stress. My way of coping with anxiety has been to spend as much time as possible creating. I was working with lots ofContinue reading “Full Circle.”