December 2022 and January 2023 Exhibits at the Coral Springs Library!

A few months ago, while bringing back books at the library and noticed some artists showing their art in the lobby area. I thought that would be a great idea to inquire about it, and I did. Little did I dream I would land two months of exhibiting at my local library!

My First Exhibits!

These exhibits (Yes, this is not a typo: I am showing at two locations) will be my first ones, so this is a big deal. To be frank, I am still debating which pieces will be shown but I have to finalize my list soon because I only have a bit more than 10 days left to prepare it all!

Where and When are the Exhibits?

I am very excited to introduce a couple of my collections – Dotted (including dotted circles as well as my figurative dotted paintings) as well as Elated Strokes at the @browardlibrary this upcoming December 2022 and January 2023!

December 1-31st it will be at the Northwest Regional Library, in Coral Springs, FL (on University) and January 3rd-31st 2023 at the Regional Broward College Library in Coconut Creek, FL.

Daphné Essiet exhibition poster at the Coral Spring, FL Library

There will be of course my dotted circles, but also some of my figurative portraits (including Grace Jones’).

Special Announcements

Here are some of the art (the one I know for sure will be showing) I will be showcasing!

Will Viewer be able to purchase?

Unfortunately, I am not able to give any prices at the library; however, you can contact me privately by email and check out my Saatchi for more information.

I hope I will see you soon and don’t forget to tag me if you go and check out my paintings at the Coral Springs Library!


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