Picking Clothes: 1. Do I really like it? 2. Does it look good on me? 3. Am I comfortable wearing it? (will I take the subway with it?) 4. Is this my style? 5. Do I have something similar in my closet? Picking Men: 1. Do I really like him? 2. Do I like whoContinue reading “#Picky”


Rarely harmful. Usually short-lived. Oftentimes memorable. #Infatuation is a funny thing: it creeps up on you and changes the narrative. It adds context to otherwise innocuous landscapes. #Infatuation is addictive: it nightly keeps you up and overrides the senses. It sips through your soul and intoxicates your entire being. #Infatuation is overwhelming: it indelibly stampsContinue reading “#Infatuation”


#WouldYouBeMyMango? Juicy and Sweet, The one bringing an extra edge The one I devour in one seating.   #WouldYouBeMyMango? Versatile and Nutritious The one perfectly pairing with spicy The one I blend in my smoothies   #WouldYouBeMyMango? Bright and Delicate The one satisfying my cravings My one Delight in the morning.   I can’t believeContinue reading “#WouldYouBeMyMango?”


I choose to believe that you Love me Yet circumstances made it seems differently. I want my Rancor towards you to fade #CauseISuspect your Toxic attitude Is only a cry for Attention I don’t expect you to understand me I lost that interest long time ago Neither expect your apologies #CauseISuspect your pride Won’t allow you to soothe my soul I’veContinue reading “#CauseISuspect”


Visionary: a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.  #YoureAVisionary Cause of you little girls and boys  Of all shades and background Believed  #YoureAVisionary Cause you’ve changed the game Forever #YoureAVisionay Cause when I look at myself I see a beautiful and gifted Hard working and worthy Rainbow WomanContinue reading “#YoureAVisionary “