On Texturism: Bodacious Mane, Big Hair Don’t Care

“What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world’s expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves. What we need are women who are full of themselves. A woman who is full of herself knows and trusts herself enough to say and do what must be done. She lets the rest burn.” Glennon Doyle, Untamed I am so grateful for the abundance of vocabulary I have learnt over the years so to articulate the way I feel. Lately, I have been thinking about “texturism” and how it has been impacting women’s lives, … Continue reading On Texturism: Bodacious Mane, Big Hair Don’t Care

On Dancing: How Representation Can Encourage Youth to Turn to Dance

Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/gn Representation matters. When I was about 4-5 years old I was taken to a dance class in my neighborhood. I honestly can’t recall what happened that day but by the end of the class I know I never wanted to go back again. Fast forward years later when I moved to New York, I was often asked if I was a dancer. Maybe it was because of my posture (which I got from walking on a 10cm beam in artistic gymnastics). I honestly thought people were joking around; after all, I looked nothing like the girls … Continue reading On Dancing: How Representation Can Encourage Youth to Turn to Dance

Abstract is my Art: a Poem

Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/gn Abstract is my Art It all started withThe grainy sound ofA fine tip pen on construction paper. It reminded me ofWhen as a childI would write with my fountain pen on a blotting paper. In chaotic times,drawing the linesbrings me solace. Abstract is my ArtI mimic life’s intricacyYet keep it simple,It reminds me of myself.It soothes my soul,My healing process. People expect my work to reflectExperiences ofracism orsexism orboth. Yes, it can be challengingto find peaceIn a world youdon’t always feellike you belong. From the lack of representationTo micro-agressionsAnd assaultsThe trauma we indureServes to normalize oppressionYet … Continue reading Abstract is my Art: a Poem


Even tho I may project My own fears and biases I am #blessed and fulfilled Regardless of how I feel Into my sometimes blurry lenses I Get pushed and pulled back Before my own eyes All I need is a shift A bit of perspective For my hopes and my dreams To ever become clear Then promplty energized Open heart, Spirit High I give Joy another Chance And Love in again ©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading #Blessed


Shit’s complicated- but here we are: making the best of it. Beating the odds Breaking records we never knew existed Yet, too often living with restraint Tipi toeing around fragile egos. Their subconsciously know that the Power sipping through our pores must meticulously get washed away by judgement & ever so slightly policed, err’day With diligence – to prevent Impetus to propels us so Fast & Furiously As our brightness will challenge Black Holes – And more. #Momentum ©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading #Momentum


Did we grew apart Or never were aligned? Were we ever asking the right questions? Attempting to ascertain causes For future references. I can’t afford emotionally taxing relationships no more and won’t subject myself to unnecessary burden I now value my time, health and soul too much to stretch anymore of it I regret I dragged us that long Pretended I was ok Pretending we were ok But in some twisted ways I thought we’d come around. Wait. Who am I fooling? I stuck around cause it was easier than to face the collateral damages Wasted our time out of … Continue reading #OnGrowing


#AtTime, there is a definite disconnect between the person I know I am, and the way I feel about myself. Let me reiterate: I get insecure. #AtTime. But I am not completely sure why. Pragmatically, I have nothing to complain about, I guess… Of course there will always be a Better-Looking-Smarter-Tighter-Booty-More-Accomplished-Talented-Perfect-Skin-Perfect-Teeth-Perfect-Fro-Perfect-Diet-Goes-To-The-Gym-On-A-Regular-Basis-Drinks-One-Gallon-Of-Water-A-Day-Has-That-Flawless-Fashion-Sense-Eloquent-Just-Got-Her-PHD-Chick, ya know… you feel kinda inadequate around, #AtTime – you know… But, aren’t flaws what makes us who we are, what differentiates ourselves, what makes us interestingly unique? Right? right… So how come, if I’m aware of all those blessings, my Blessings, do I feel that way, #AtTime? I … Continue reading #AtTime


I long to be Free. Free from my fears. Free from the imaginary boundaries I inflicted mySelf. I long to be mySelf. The woman I’ve always meant to be. Phenomenal woman, that’s Me. The one who will own her flaws and recognize them as the most enticing part of who she is. The one who will appreciate them the way they deserve to be. I long to be aware. Aware of Reality Fully aware of the Love I’ve been the recipient all along. That Love that has been kept away from my heart by the fear of being rejected. Everyday, … Continue reading #MergingIntoMyself


Everything happens for a reason. 2015 is coming to an end, and, is so far one of the most epic years to date. The people I crossed path with this year shaped my life is significant ways. The people I crossed path with this year filled my heart with new found purposes. The people I crossed path with this year, whether as confidents, part-time lovers or foes allowed me to reach my true potential. I am immensely grateful cause I have met you. I really am, with all my heart and soul, and you might feel it as you read … Continue reading #AndIlKeepSayingThat


Isn’t it interesting how life can change so drastically in the space of a few months? How one year you are planning for future tense with someone and the next year you are just here, starting *fresh* cause there is literally nothing left but old pictures and fading memories. You wonder what’s next cause you are stuck, in a sense… not physically, but spiritually, which is never a good thing. It’s certainly temporary (at least let’s hope), and you need to make some adjustments. That’s also when *Friends* start moving differently around you cause your status changed. Some disappear cause … Continue reading #LifeBitsFallingIntoPlace


For the past month I have been sleep deprived and expectedly it has clouded my judgment and nudged my inner balance; and because of all the life changing events presently occurring it has been challenging. Although I am still experiencing anxiety, and I am extremely tired, these past couple of days I felt a deep calm within me. Months ago I asked the Universe for a few things, I actually wrote them down, and amazingly enough, they are becoming reality. I am not a religious person, but I believe in homeostasis, some call it Karma and how– we, as part … Continue reading #ShortUpdate