Can We All Just Get Along? #PeaceOffering

   I recently celebrated the 11th anniversary of my arrival in New York. Eleven years, is a long time. Yet, when you meet an 11 year old, you feel as they don’t know much about life and that the best is yet to come. Of course I miss many things about my mother’s land: myContinue reading “Can We All Just Get Along? #PeaceOffering”

My little Business is 4 years old: Happy Birthday Aoede’s Hands

Four years ago I started my own small business Aoede’s Hands It has been an interesting roller-coaster, full of challenges and lessons for me. Firstly, It was never planned. I have always loved accessorizing unbranded, very simple clothes with fabulous accessories, such as belts, shoes and bags. I also really loved earrings and necklaces, butContinue reading “My little Business is 4 years old: Happy Birthday Aoede’s Hands”