Do You Like Notebooks or People Who do?

When I started to create my illustrations a couple of years ago, this was one of the first things I wanted to make: notebooks featuring my art. At the time, I looked for months into suppliers: unfortunately, I neither had the funds nor the space to store the eventual purchase of dozen of notebooks. A few months back, I was watching TikTok videos (of all places) and realized that I could create that type of product with Amazon as a supplier Continue reading Do You Like Notebooks or People Who do?

If This Was Up To Me

Subscribe to my newsletter: If this was up to me, I’d spend my life in school. When I say “if this was up to me” I mean, if I had the financial means to do so. I have been “visualizing it” and “calling it into existence” – probably not hard enough or too many people are doing the same and I just have to be patient… I dream about money coming out of “nowhere”, meeting a generous billionaire who wants to facilitate someone else’s life: mine! All I want is a house, my own house – two stories with a … Continue reading If This Was Up To Me

Diem Perdidi

written 01/23/2013 The pesky sound on bald walls bounces, pulling her out The rabbit hole she would have loved to spend the day. There he is, striking a pose, majestic and proud,   Waiting on her next move, alert, carried away, Purring louder than cicadas under hot sun. She acknowledges his presence, so he slips away.   Now, her steps he precedes all the way to the kitchen: Her heart he knows is wrapped around his little paws! On her bare feet, he jumps, initiating fun…   But time is running out and the sun’s heading west Faster than hungry … Continue reading Diem Perdidi


You may not fully appreciate your blessings because you are comparing yourself to a team’s efforts to make someone fit a current standard of perfection You have to recognize you already are pretty wonderful and stand out on your own! You are smart, kind & taste like Meyer lemons meringue tart Cheer up + #GetYourTeamTogether ©️ Daphné Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading #GetYourTeamTogether

The Sky

Versatile is the Sky Reflecting my inner desires Varies in shade and intensity According if it is noon or midnight The Night’s passionate indigo Expects the bright embrace of the pink morning light Unless the stormy clouds Start their impetuous fight Temporarily, that is Cause we all know that in the end It will always be Here, there, everywhere From any angle of the sphere ©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018 Continue reading The Sky


Appearances are somehow misleading. Most times… What seems great, perfect, enticing, greener on the other side… Is in fact completely rotten. Somehow, the smell does not bother your asepticized noses, probably because you have been acclimatized to it. Little by little. One passive aggressiveness after the other. F*** That. Somehow, you feel uncomfortable but you DO NOT want to trust your gut. F*** That. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of your happiness. Be who you are meant to be and have as much freedom as you can possibly attain being who you are. Don’t let others’ bullshit mess … Continue reading #JustDont


In any capacity, the type of bonding(s) we are able to generate makes all the difference. From atoms to people, it undoubtedly dictates its architecture, in terms of aesthetics and functionality, hence the strength and length of any relationships. About #SmallTalk… I recently realized that I really- really – really despise it. I do tolerate a 20-80 ratio, but too much rambling usually bruises my aura and hurts my soul… Interestingly enough, for a long time, I was unable to pinpoint the reasons why I’d find some people so enticing and others bland. For a long time, I was incapable … Continue reading #SmallTalk