Have you? If not, you should. Easier said than done, I know… I believe that the most effective way to change the world for the better is to finally acknowledge and empower women the way they should always have been. Last week I was told I had a Queen Complex. I was told I hadContinue reading “#HaveYouClaimedYourQueendom?”


I was called beautiful twice in the space of a week. It came from two different individuals, and under two very different circumstances: The first time was sweetly whispered and unexpected in that way, definitely validating. It warmed every inches of my body. I *think* it was genuine and I greeted the compliment by aContinue reading “#ThePowerOfSymmetry”

My little Business is 4 years old: Happy Birthday Aoede’s Hands

Four years ago I started my own small business Aoede’s Hands It has been an interesting roller-coaster, full of challenges and lessons for me. Firstly, It was never planned. I have always loved accessorizing unbranded, very simple clothes with fabulous accessories, such as belts, shoes and bags. I also really loved earrings and necklaces, butContinue reading “My little Business is 4 years old: Happy Birthday Aoede’s Hands”