Say I Love You, Say You Care…

Need a gift for the one you love (or yourself) this Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day? Don’t miss my Say I Love You collection on Society6 – the perfect way to show some love! You can also find a selection of Heart Notebooks on Amazon Prime and always, for more current updates, check out my Instagram! ThankContinue reading “Say I Love You, Say You Care…”

LAX – Chapitre 3 (Short Story en 4 actes *en Français)

Pour la premiere fois depuis mon arrivée à LA, j’allais passé ma nuit dans un vrai lit. Le séjour avait été hectic et j’avais passé plusieurs nuits sur des matelas par terre, chez des amis de Linda. Cela ne m’avait pas forcément dérangé, mais j’étais quand meme contente de pouvoir profiter d’un peu due calmeContinue reading “LAX – Chapitre 3 (Short Story en 4 actes *en Français)”

For Fine Art Lovers: the Dotted Circles Colorful Paintings are Back for the Holidays

Are you ready for pure bliss and happiness? If so, marvel at the multitude of colors of this dotted circle. In her TED Talk “Where Joy Hides and How to Find it”, Ingrid Fetell Lee, aka @aestheticsofjoy on Instagram, eloquently articulated how I feel every time I add a colored dot to the paper. EachContinue reading “For Fine Art Lovers: the Dotted Circles Colorful Paintings are Back for the Holidays”

On Dancing: How Representation Can Encourage Younster to Turn to Dance

Subscribe to my newsletter: Representation matters. When I was about 4-5 years old I was taken to a dance class in my neighborhood. I honestly can’t recall specifically what happened that day but I knew I did not feel like I belonged. I never set foot in this class ever again. Fast forward yearsContinue reading “On Dancing: How Representation Can Encourage Younster to Turn to Dance”

My Poetry Book on Amazon + FREE download !!!!

I am not sure I ever advertise the fact I had self-published a book on Amazon this past July 2019. Well, here it is. I’ll share a little bio with you and if you scroll down to the end, you will be able to download a free sample, and some video I made – andContinue reading “My Poetry Book on Amazon + FREE download !!!!”


“We accept the Love we think we deserve” If you are wondering If it’s not the moon and the stars If this made you think If you feel some type of way You probably deserve more #JustPlantingSeeds ©️ Daphne Mia Essiet, 2018

#OnLoveAndLustAndEverythingInBetween – part4

There is something very humbling about being rejected by someone whom you really like. Humbling because after the initial shock, it forces you to think about the reasons why it hurts so much. Humbling because if forces you to decide whether you will allow this pain to morph into compassion or anger – towards yourselfContinue reading “#OnLoveAndLustAndEverythingInBetween – part4”


#iSurrender. To the Water, The Wind and the Sun. The Water. I drown deep and let my fears roll down my face. I exhale to the surface to catch my breath, inhale and drown time and time, ’til I can be myself again… #iSurrender. To the Water, The Wind and the Sun. The Wind. InfiltratesContinue reading “#iSurrender”


Everything happens for a reason. 2015 is coming to an end, and, is so far one of the most epic years to date. The people I crossed path with this year shaped my life is significant ways. The people I crossed path with this year filled my heart with new found purposes. The people IContinue reading “#AndIlKeepSayingThat”


I left room for warmth. Your Warmth. But you took too long to say what you meant, beat around the bush like a wild man, so randomness settled in… and settled down. Back to square one. The spot, (cozy, I might add), is taken for now and you will have to entertain… entertain my soul,Continue reading “#AboutStraightForwardness”

#OnLustAndLoveAndEverythingInBetween (part3)

In logic and probability theory, two propositions (or events) are mutually exclusive or disjoint if they cannot both be true (occur). Shall we treat Lust and Love as two distinct functions evolving in two separate systems? How both those states relate to Happiness? It sounds concurrently simple and complicated, hence the trickiness. In a nutshell,Continue reading “#OnLustAndLoveAndEverythingInBetween (part3)”


The way you talked to me makes it hard. It makes it hard to get involved with someone. What used to be easy became complicated. You declared you did not expect a thing, but would give me the world… #IfILetYou. You affirmed someone will always love me. #Unconditionally. That it’s written all over me. YouContinue reading “#InLimbo”


I’m oversharing ‘cause, In reality who knows if We’ll ever meet again? From Now on Anything can happen… Your next move is inconsequential For what matters is mine Your next move is relevant Only if it includes my heart Handled with dignity Care for reciprocity I’m over sharing ‘cause In reality who knows if We’ll ever speak again?Continue reading “#IfUAskMeTo”


“The Universe does not make any mistakes; She has been doing this ish* for a while now and it does not matter what you think you really want; I know you really, really want it, and it seems like this is IT – but you are confused; what you want is irrelevant because as theContinue reading “#TheMessenger”

#BoutThatInstantReward – Curbing my Enthusiasm

Have you ever felt like your thought process had completely deviated over time? These past couple of years I have realized how impulsive I am about pretty much everything I like and consequently want; I have literally become obsessed with the most random (or not so random) *ish. It can be a book I haveContinue reading “#BoutThatInstantReward – Curbing my Enthusiasm”

#OnLoveAndLustAndEverythingInBetween (Part2)

I can honestly say that these past couple of weeks I fell in lust again. With myself. It is odd when you finally realize that your flaws are what make you special, that the imperfections add un je ne sais quoi to the craft: you mature into a butterfly. By discovering your Power as a womanContinue reading “#OnLoveAndLustAndEverythingInBetween (Part2)”


I think it is best to inquire before too hastily jumping to conclusions and in the process damage any type of friendships. In the past, I have too many times did or say things that have altered my confidence and hurt  the relationships with people who were very close to me. Lately, I have found aContinue reading “#WhenInDoubt”